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Nepal with its diverse topography of high mountains and fast flowing water though river gorges have given rise to some raw adventures with nature. Almost all kinds of outdoor adventure activities like trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, jungle safari, rafting, canoeing, bungee jumping, rock climbing, Paragliding and some more activities can be played in Nepal. The country has been a tourist destination for this particular reason. Tourists love to travel through different places with dramatic views and thrilling, adrenaline rushing adventures. Nepal is a boon, a heaven on earth with diverse geography and natural beauty right beneath the Himalayan range, and the perfect destination for adventurists.

Most popular adventure activities since Nepal was exposed to tourism is rafting in the white waters. Nepal has a range of graded rivers from which many are enlisted in the world’s most awesome rafting experience list. The fast flowing wild current takes rafting to the fantasy level of adventure.  It is also a great way to explore various canyons, spot wildlife and travel through dense forests and hamlets of Nepal. Canoeing and boating is also possible in steady streams of the jungles during a safari tour. The most common animals spotted during safari near rivers are gharials and river dolphins. Another option for an adventurous tour in the jungle is a ride on an elephant’s back or a jeep safari. Tigers, leopards, rhinoceros, deer and many more wild animals roam freely around the jungle that makes one sit at the edge of the seat.

Mountain biking in Nepal has also been gradually making its appearance a thrilling adventure activity. These kinds of tours are also eco-friendly and a great way to explore the forest, landscapes and villages. The mountain trails are off-track and thus requires special mountain bikes designed for the rough mountain path. A more challenging activity in the mountains is rock climbing. It requires much strength, technique, balance, agility and patience. There are both natural and artificial rock-climbing spots around Nepal. Similarly, there is also the growing trend of experiencing the thrill of bungee jumping. The ultimate one is over the ferocious Bhote Koshi River at 160m from the ground level.  Paragliding, Zip flyer and ultralight flights are also quite popular in Pokhara and some other places of Nepal with the best view of the valley below, extensive Himalayan range to the north and unimaginable thrill of flying high with birds.

 A more traditional type of adventure activity in Nepal is honey hunting, still practiced by indigenous communities living in high mountains. Honey hunting is worked in teams at the cliff of mountains that are habitat for world’s largest honey bees.  It is not practiced as a sport, but as an ancient art and tradition of those tribes. This activity is dangerous and requires proper equipments. These honey hunters also celebrate a festival and make offerings to God. They are thankful to god and honey bees for their hard work and very important contribution for survival of humans.

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