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Mustang Region Trek

Mustang region is different from other high mountain regions of the country that are mostly covered with lush green forests and valleys with cultivated farmlands. Mustang is a deserted region in the high altitude with valleys surrounded by barren mountain walls. During Mustang Region Trek you will see high plain plateaus and barren windswept landscapes with lesser vegetation. There are patches of yellow and brown shades of ochre over the dry walls. Overall, the region is out of the world with the moon-like surface. The region is surrounded by high mountains like the Dhaulagiri (8167m) and Annapurna I (8091m). all other mountains surrounding the region are above 6000m.

Popular trekking packages in this region include upper mustang trek and Jomsom Muktinath trek. The Mustang region is known as the sacred place of Muktinath where devotees of both Hinduism and Buddhism visit to worship. Places like Jomsom, Marpha and Kagbeni are also popular trekking routes, display of the natural beauties and cultural significance. The apples produced here are also quite famous, known as Mustang’s apples. The locals produce wine and dried apples too. The Kali Gandaki gorge is famous in the world as the deepest gorge. There are thousands of fossilized ammonites found in the river. The upper region of Mustang is also known for the hidden kingdom of Lo Manthang. Trekkers require a special permit to enter the mysterious region of Upper Mustang. The region receives less amount of rain, making it accessible even during monsoon seasons. The whole Mustang region receives strong gusts of wind in the afternoons, but it generally subsides by night.

The Mustang region has been home to people of Tibetan origins and Thakalis. The upper Mustang displays some of the world’s lost traditions and culture of the ancient people. The upper Mustang was ruled by its own king even after the unification of all the kingdoms to form the greater Nepal. Trekkers are awestruck to encounter upon the unique culture and land formations that were forbidden and isolated from the rest of the world until 1992 A.D.  The region has etched its history as the ‘Last Forbidden Kingdom’. The king still resides in Lo Manthang but holds minimum authorities yet greatly respected by the people. Trekking in Upper Mustang is an adventure back in time to the golden days of trade, to the old monasteries, caves used as shelter and meditation, and magnificent untouched canyons with great closer views of the Himalayan mountain ranges. These ancient cities and mountains untouched by the modern world hides many mysteries surrounding the culture and lifestyle of those people.

Himalayan Monk Travels & Treks is glad to operate Mustang Trekking for you to make it your life experience. With carefully designed itinerary, professional and quality service, we shall help you make Mustang trek a memorable one. Remember us for trekking in different regions of Nepal.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek
  • USD 695|10 days ,9 nights

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

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Upper Mustang Trek
  • USD 2275|18 Days, 17 Nights

Upper Mustang Trek

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