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Yoga and Meditation Trek

Yoga and meditation in the Himalayan mountains is the new prospect of trekking. Yoga and meditation is the basic practice of controlling the mind and body to enhance concentration and relaxation, while trekking is the test of one’s endurance and determination. Combining the essence of trekking and the magic of yoga and meditation creates the wonderful journey of peace and tranquility, to the eyes as well as the mind. The creation of these beautiful packages demanded exploration and experiments through trial and error when finally, both our experts of yoga and trek found the perfect picture that fitted together that meets the global yoga standards. The yoga treks developed with thorough examination highlight the best of each sector and successfully bring inner peace of mind.

Each day during Yoga and Meditation Trek starts with yoga in the open fresh air with the scenic and peaceful environment. The view of early sunrise inspires and rejuvenates the body for a fresh start. The starting point may be difficult and requires time to adjust with practice, but the students will soon find the benefit as physiological and psychological changes take place within their bodies. Daily practice of meditation positively affects the body to have low perspiration, have a stable heartbeat and lower respiration rate and also lowers the blood pressure. The lovely benefit of meditation pays off during trekking, as it becomes a sweat-less walk. The world can be viewed from a different perspective after gaining an inner state of awareness through meditation and yoga.

Throughout the Yoga and Meditation Trek in Nepal, spiritual yogic guru accompany the trekkers to guide in yoga and meditation as per their timetable prepared in the itinerary. All the yoga gurus are certified with years of experience in providing standard yoga and meditation sessions, and so are the trekking guides. Together, they will lead the trekkers to experience heaven in the foothills of the world’s escalated mountains. Moreover, the travel is delightful with the tracks passing through wild forests, green valley with unique settlements, and diverse ecology with various species of flora and fauna to be spotted. The exciting normal trek when just combined with basic yoga and meditation sessions makes a lot of difference in the whole journey.

A general difference in yoga and meditation trek and a normal trek is the meal. Food during yoga and meditation trek includes only simple vegetarian dishes. The food prepared is mostly organic, vegetables plucked right from the villagers’ farms and gardens. Accommodation is usually on a shared basis but can be changed as per availability. Yoga and meditation treks in Nepal open a chance to experience the ultimate peace of mind. There are many places and caves in the foothills of the Himalayas which are believed to be a sacred destination for great sages used to practice meditation in those places surrounded by tranquility. So, Mardi Himal Yoga Trek and Yoga and Meditation Retreat are highly recommended for travelers to enjoy the scenic beauties of Nepal as well as to enhance one’s mind to become more conscious.

Himalayan Monk Travels & Treks is glad to operate Yoga trek for you to make it your life experience. With carefully designed itinerary, professional and quality service, we shall help you make Yoga Retreat Packages a memorable one. Remember us for this Yoga and Meditation Trek in Nepal!

  • 750 USD|6 Nights 7 Days

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Mardi Himal Yoga Trek

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Yoga Meditation Retreat

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