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jungle safari in chitwan

Jungle safaris in Nepal are within the boundary of the national parks and conservation areas. There are 12 national parks, 6 conservation areas and 1 wildlife reserve covering 28,999 sq. km (19.7%) of the total land of Nepal. There are also buffer zone areas declared in order to protect the wild life and their environment. These protected zones are rich in bio-diversity and flourishing with fauna and floras. These zones mostly comprise of sal forests interlaced with grassland, savannah and rivers. These are the places to view wildlife in their natural habitats and spot their instinctual behaviors.

A tour of the jungle is carried out either on an elephant back or safari jeep. The jungles are deep and landscapes stretches far. The wilderness demands the visitors to be alert all the time. Upon careful watch many epic species animals can be found in the wild, such as the rare one-horned rhinos, different species of deer, spotted leopard, gangetic dolphin, gharial crocodiles, royal Bengal tigers, sloth bear, hogs, langur monkeys, Asiatic wild buffalo and many more endangered species. Some species of birds that can be spotted in the park areas are Asian-openbill stork, bar-headed goose, jungle Myna, red-vented bulbul, little-ringed plover, grey-headed fish eagle, white-eyed buzzard, Shakira bird, red-breasted parakeet, kingfisher, woodpeckers, sarus crane and peacocks. There are many more birds that can be spotted in the jungle but they are very difficult to photograph.

The jungle safari also provides short tours through elephant rides, canoeing, nature walk and bird watching to spot birds and animals in their particular habitats. There are cozy lodges and hotels around these national parks for food and accommodation. Some parks also allow to camp outside in the wilderness. Around the national parks in the lowland of Nepal, there are also Tharu villages inhabited by the indigenous Tharu people that once roamed and hunted the densest of the jungles.

The package of Himalayan Monks include jungle safari in two of the most exclusive safari destinations, i.e. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park. Chitwan National Park is also enlisted in the World Heritage site for protection of the national treasure. Both the destination has rich vegetation and habitats of diverse species of birds and animals. These parks are the transit points for many migratory birds too. Other than the tree branches and grasslands, birds can also be found right outside the lodges perched on a balcony or fence and at the river banks along the lazy crocodiles.

Bardia National Park Tour
  • NA|6 days, 5 Nights

Bardia National Park Tour

NA peoples

Bardia National Park Tour takes you to Bardiya National Park, a paradise for zoologists and wild life spectators.  There are

chitwan jungle safari
  • NA|3 days, 2 Nights

Chitwan Jungle Safari

NA peoples

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is an exclusive tour in the national nark of Chitwan, which is a home to many rare and endangered bird

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